Advisory Council

The School Advisory Board is an advisory board that assists the pastor and principal in promoting the mission of the school. The board assists the school in achieving its goals to provide quality Catholic education by transmitting and integrating Gospel teaching in an educational process which, within an excellent program of academics, directs students toward a conscious choice of living a responsible Catholic life.

Anyone is welcome to attend the School Advisory Board Meetings. The Board invites all members of our community to work on any of our many sub-committees and to participate in our monthly meetings.

For information on when the school board meets, please contact the St. Francis Front Office at (602)266-5364.

2016-2017 Board Members

Rev. Daniel Sullivan, S.J. Pastor
Kim Cavnar Principal
Kevin Kilb President
Ryan Desmond Board Member
Mike Warren Board Member
Liz Frakes Board Member
Katie Chester Board Member
Kim Rich Board Member
Mike Lum Lung Board Member
Tom Hartman Board Member
Rich Murphy Board Member
Chris Burbach Board Member
Mark Williams Board Member