Each day is a new and exciting opportunity to learn for our Kindergarten students.  Our Mastered-prepared teachers provide a wonderful learning environment fostering academic development and growth.  Our Kindergarteners are introduced to the student learning expectations (SLE’s)  in a innovative and memorable way.  These spiritual, social, behavioral, and intellectual tenets of Jesuit education provide a strong foundation for each student as they prepare themselves to become “Kid of Others”.

Language Arts – St. Francis offers our students a comprehensive language arts program called SuperKids.  This program encompasses important components of early literacy such as phonics, sight words, and writing.  The SuperKids Reading program aligns itself with standards by combining, technology and fun in a collaborative learning environment.

Math – Our math curriculum, Eureka Math TM,  is nationally recognized and published by Great Minds.  The is coherent unnamedprogram was designed, developed, and tested by a team of teachers and mathematicians. The curriculum is rigorous and develops critical thinking and problem-solving techniques to help students gain a strong foundation in math.

Religion  – Cathechesis of the Good Shepherd is the religious education program Kindergarteners participate in weekly. Cathechesis of the Good Shepherd  is a Montessori approach to helping the child fall in love with Jesus. It helps to feed the spiritual interior life of the child. The children receive presentations from Scripture and Liturgy by trained catechists.  Students also visit the Atrium weekly where they will learn about Jesus through independent activities.

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Science – Students experience science through hands on activities, experiments, and discussions.  Students discover and learn and appreciate the beauty of God’s creation.  We nurture children’s natural curiosity as they explore different area’s of science.

Social Studies –  Students are introduced to people and customs of their community, state and the world around them.

Specials – Kindergarten students have Spanish, Music and PE each week.

Beyond our talented and dedicated teaching staff, St. Francis Xavier Jesuit Parish School has instructional aides and a reading specialist in Kindergarten. Kindergarten classrooms use a blended learning model to leverage technology to effectively teach students at their individual levels.