What is Scrip?

Scrip is a gift card program.  St. Francis Xavier purchases gift cards at a discount which we then sell for face value. The difference is profit for St. Francis Xavier and is applied to operating costs for the school.  This program is designed for all families and will not cost you any more money than you are already spending.  We are simply asking you (and your family and friends) to do your shopping “through” us.

2 ways to buy Scrip!

  1. Buy Gift Cards in the store.
  2. Buy Gift Cards through the “Benefit Mobile” app. Benefit Mobile is a free app that allows the user to buy gift cards at the time of use (online or immediately as needed) while linking the purchase to the St. Francis Scrip Program Account. Users can always use their credit card, and gift card purchases can be for the exact amount. Easy and profitable!

Click Here for more benefits and instructions.

Scrip buyers can earn a tuition rebate!

In addition to raising funds that are used to benefit your children’s education, school families have the opportunity to receive a tuition rebate at the end of the Scrip year based on the amount of Scrip profit (not purchases) they earn during the Scrip Rebate Year. The Scrip Rebate Year runs from March 1 through February 29. The first $200 in Scrip profits earned will be directed to the school.  After that, the profits will be split: 50% will go to the school and 50% will go towards your tuition rebate.  Rebates will be applied to your FACTS tuition account in March. Click here for more information.

Scrip Office Hours

Tuesdays ~ 7:45-9:30 and 2:15-3:15

Thursdays ~ 7:45-9:30 and 2:15-3:15

Fridays ~ 7:45-9:30

  • Please email to place an order. We will have it ready when you need it.

  • Check the Weekly Newsletter for Current Scrip News.

  • Click Here for a current order form.

  • Ask us about special orders! There are many vendors we are able to order on an individual basis.

  • Want to buy something special for a teacher? Check the “wish list” book in the office.

We carry uniforms!

Shop at the Scrip Store for the following items:

*School Polos

*School Sweatshirts

*PE Shorts and Shirts

*Preschool Shirts

*String Bags