Cura Personalis


“The person in front of me is the most important person in the world.”

Cura Personalis – personal care and concern for the individual – is a hallmark of Jesuit education and requires that teachers and staff become as conversant as possible with the context or life experience of the learner.

Since human experience, always the starting point in a Jesuit education, never occurs in a vacuum, educators must know as much as possible about the actual context within which teaching and learning take place.  Teachers need to understand the world of the learner, including the ways in which the family, friends, peers, and the larger society impact that world and affect the learner for better or worse.

A student’s well-being is paramount to their success academically and in life. Caring for one’s self enables students to reach their full potential. ¬†Care of the whole person includes not solely physical health, but also the ability to function independently, to show respect for self and others, to engage in meaningful interpersonal ¬†relationships, and to develop satisfying and productive lifestyles.

Cura Personalis Coordinator

Patty Thoeny