Student Health

St. Francis Xavier is committed to providing a school environment that promotes and protects children’s health, well­being and the ability to learn by supporting healthy eating and physical activities. The connection between nutrition and learning is well documented. Healthy eating patterns are essential for students to achieve their full academic potential, physical and mental growth and lifelong health and well­being. The purpose of this policy is to offer students the tools and knowledge necessary to make healthy choices for their body.

The school retains a licensed registered nurse. She renders emergency first aid to students who are injured or become ill at school. She works with students, parents, and teachers regarding health problems, and serves as the contact between home and school on health matters.

St. Francis Xavier has a fully equipped nurses office where students will feel very comfortable if they have to visit the nurse.  There are two beds, private bathroom, ice machine and separate entrance for parents if they need to come pick up a sick child.