School Fundraisers

unnamedFundraising engages students/school community in positive, creative and active events that promote socialization and a sense of community.

All fundraising activities that take place on campus and or benefit St. Francis Xavier School must receive pre approval from parish administration with input from the Resource Development Office – the body of volunteers that advises the school on development and marketing activities.

The Parent Association assists in the implementation of major school fundraisers, ie, Dinner Auction, Family Fun Fest and Magazine drive. A variety of clubs and organizations hold additional fundraisers throughout the year to help supplement their budgets. Campus Ministry and NJHS also sponsors some fundraising events as community service during the school year. In an effort to avoid overlap of events and requests for donations, any school class, organization or club must obtain prior approval to holding a fundraiser, on or off campus that benefits St. Francis Xavier School in any way. A fundraiser, held on the St. Francis Xavier campus, to benefit unnamed-1an outside cause must also receive pre-approval. A form must be filled out and submitted to the Director of Resource Development for the activity or event before it is calendared or any publicity created. Forms are available in the front office and in the Parish Center.

Parent involvement in approved, school sponsored fundraising activities may count toward your parent hour commitment.

Thank You for supporting SFX!!