Why St. Francis Xavier



LONG HISTORY. After almost eight decades in the Phoenix area, many of our families have attended St. Francis Xavier generation after generation. That continuity helps create our sense of community and tradition.

UNPARALLELED COMMUNITY SPIRIT. From our Pledge and Prayer meeting in the courtyard every morning through our aftercare program each afternoon, your child will be steeped in a sense of family and connection with students, teachers, and staff.

STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGY. With two technology labs and a mini-technology workstation in each classroom, St. Francis Xavier views technology as a tool to help our students learn more effectively and efficiently.

HIGH EDUCATIONAL STANDARDS. Our curriculum and instruction are aligned with diocesan standards, and we carefully monitor each child’s progress to ensure every student is prepared for high school, college, and beyond.

BROAD ENRICHMENT OPPORTUNITIES. Students have access to numerous enrichment programs, including music, sports, performing arts, and more, all carefully selected to help develop the whole student, whatever his or her interests.